Now Available: Dekkoo’s Seductive Shorts Collection

Dekkoo has a wealth of short films on offer from all around the globe – inventive and inspiring works of queer cinematic expression you won’t find anywhere else!

With such a vast library, it can be hard to know where to dive in. We’re sending you straight into the deep end with this collection of our most Seductive Shorts!

Youthful regrets, raunchy online encounters and the intersection between queerness and age are explored in the experimental shorts camchat and As I Sat in My Car. Sparks fly as men come together for a little romance in Rubber Dolphin, Foreign Lovers and Is This a Date. Steamy relationships from the past haunt the present in both Just Me and Let’s Meet Again at the End of the World.

Max follows a recent divorcee who hires a male escort. Open Relationship sees a couple considering exactly what the title suggests. Plum follows a fleeting encounter between two hot young men with opposing views on love. And finally His Hands and Fish Tank both explore strange hook-ups that have the potential to turn dangerous… or dangerously sexy.

Catch up on all the steamy action with our Seductive Shorts collection – available now on Dekkoo!

Browse The Classic Queer Cinema Collection – 9 Groundbreaking Films Now Available on Dekkoo!

Dekkoo isn’t just a source for entertainment. We also offer a deeply engaging crash course in queer cinema history!

Starting with Queens at Heart, an eye-opening short film offering a look into the lives of four trans women during the pre-Stonewall 1960s, and continuing through to director Ira Sachs electrifying 2012 relationship drama Keep the Lights On, this collection exemplifies some of the most important queer cinema of the past five decades.

Including films like the landmark 1973 docudrama A Bigger Splash and Todd Haynes’ brazenly original Poison, which took the 1991 Sundance Film Festival by storm and helped launch the New Queer Cinema movement, these pioneering selections offer up a vibrant and expansive trip through time.

You can browse The Classic Queer Cinema Collection right now on Dekkoo. All of the titles are currently streaming.