Lilting is an emotional and rewarding tear-jerker

Ben Whishaw stars in Lilting as Richard, a deeply sad young man trying to work through grief. He recently lost his lover, Kai (Andrew Leung), unexpectedly and far too early. Kai’s mother, Junn (Pei-Pei Cheng) is also in great pain as a result of the loss. Kai sent her to a nursing home temporarily while he worked up the nerve to come out to her and invite her to live with Richard and himself. Unfortunately, he died before he had the opportunity.

Richard is deeply concerned with his late lover’s mother well-being. He knows that Junn is unhappy in the nursing home and would like to offer her a way out. The problem is that she has no idea how important Richard was in her son’s life. In fact, Junn, thinking that Richard was just a roommate of Kai’s, seems to think that he was a bad influence on her son. Richard doesn’t want to betray Kai by revealing the truth about their relationship. On top of that, he and Junn don’t even speak the same language.

In an effort to get closer to Junn, Richard hires a translator (Naomi Christie) to help them communicate. But as time goes on and Junn becomes increasingly agitated and suspicious of Richard’s motivations, the truth starts simmering to the surface, practically begging to be revealed.

Lilting is a melancholy, but ultimately uplifting tear-jerker filled with likeable characters that help the emotions sink in. The only villain of the piece, the source of the film’s conflict, is Junn and even she’s sympathetic. She’s unreasonably difficult and treats Richard as an irritation even though he’s on a saintly mission to help her, but she’s also grief-stricken and all alone in a strange country where she’s not able to communicate.

Director Hong Khaou has a poetic sensibility and the cast is uniformly excellent, particularly Whishaw. He sells his character’s admirable mix of deep sadness and unyielding altruism so well that it’s practically a guarantee that your heart will break for him. Lilting is a touching meditation on death and grief that never neglects to celebrate life and love simultaneously.

Watch the trailer for Lilting below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.

New This Week – 11/1/19

When eight friends travel to a remote cabin to celebrate graduation the lines between their sexuality begin to blur. ‘These Peculiar Days’ is an unabashedly erotic look at modern sexual fluidity between young adults.

When an oversexed party boy finds himself at odds with his quiet neighbor in the days leading up to Halloween, he discovers that their miscommunication may have deadly consequences when he accidentally invites the wrong man home for the night. Dekkoo Films presents ‘A Halloween Trick’ streaming now!

In ‘The Latent Image’ a young writer retreats to an isolated cabin to work on a mystery thriller. One night, a mysterious stranger arrives at his door needing help. Has he found the perfect inspiration for his story or is he about to find his darkest fantasies coming to life? Watch ‘The Latent Image’ now on Dekkoo!

What happens when a horny ghost haunts your apartment? Stream ‘The More the Scarier’ now on Dekkoo!

Philippines, although a predominantly Catholic country, has openly embraced many LGBTQ members in their film, entertainment, politics, and business communities; however, tolerance differs from true equality. 25 years have passed since the first pride march took place in Manila, yet equal rights advancement is still a long journey to go for the LGBTQ community in the Philippines. Stream ‘Queer Asia – Philippines’ now on Dekkoo!


Coming next week: “A “modern fairy tale” in two senses — it’s an exercise in make-believe, yes, but the “fairies” here are also very male and quite physical with one another.” – Variety

10 Gay Films to Watch this Halloween!

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy a good scary movie during the month of October. Dekkoo has plenty of options that will satisfy your spooky seasonal needs, but we narrowed down the selection process to highlight these nine flicks worthy of Halloween viewing.

ADZ 1920 x 1080

Alpha Delta Zatan

Starring an all-male cast of hotties, this low-budget homoerotic slasher flick offers up a fun, sensual spin on the “sorority massacre” sub-genre. A goofy but noble college kid is surprised when he’s invited to join his school’s most exclusive frat house… until he comes face to face with a masked psychopath who is picking off all of the half-naked muscle boys one by one.



A small-town loner’s fascination with the new kid in town leads him into something much more sinister than he could ever have imagined. Released in 2006, Bugcrush was a massive critical hit on the film festival circuit. Writer-director Carter Smith went on to helm the cult feature-length films The Ruins and Jamie Marks is Dead.



In this short horror/thriller from director Mark Bessenger (Bite Marks, The Last Straight Man), a man calls into phone sex lines looking for a potential romantic partner. Vic, a college student, is interested, but is too nervous to accept, prompting the mysterious caller to take matters into his own hands.



Demons, a grisly and wickedly funny new short horror-comedy, follows Matt, a closeted serial killer on the hunt for love and acceptance… in a pretty messed-up world.



A masked madman stalks a gay porn set in 1979 Paris while its producer Anne, (French pop star Vanessa Paradis) tries to win back her editor and lover Lois by shooting her most ambitious film yet with her trusted, flaming sidekick Archibald. Shot in 35mm and featuring a killer retro score from M83, Knife+Heart is an ultra-stylish and blood-soaked ode to ’70s-era De Palma, Argento, and Friedkin.



Months after they broke up, Gunnar receives a strange phone call from his ex-boyfriend, Einar. He sounds distraught, like he’s about to do something terrible to himself. Gunnar drives up to the secluded cabin where Einar is holed up and soon discovers that there’s more going on than he imagined. The two men seem to be alone, but there’s some kind of supernatural force just beyond the walls that’s looking to get inside with them.


Romance is Dead

Finding it hard to cope with the loss of his fiancé, Donovan turns to his best friend, Adam, to implement a crazy plan to get him back. This stylish short film used witchcraft and demonology to tell a story of romance and heartbreak.


Tonight It’s You

When a young gay man hooks up with a guy he meets on a dating app, he encounters something much more sinister than even his most base fears could have imagined. Set in a God-fearing town, director Dominic Haxton sets us up to believe that the only thing to fear is local homophobia, but he’s really about to witness something truly unthinkable.


Vampire Boys

Jasin and his vampire brood’s time is running out. In order for them to survive, Jasin needs to find a mortal to turn into a vampire. It’s sort of like finding a husband… but for all of eternity. Luckily, a fresh-faced young lad named Caleb seems to be just what the witch doctor ordered. The cast is packed with cuties in this gay, low-budget indie in the vampire-romance vein of Twilight. Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood is also streaming now on Dekkoo.


The Year I Lost My Mind

After encountering him during a burglary, Tom begins stalking and antagonizing the attractive young Lars. When Lars finds out about Tom’s intentions, he manages to turn the tables on him, leading to a shocking confrontation. With something of a Single White Female vibe (with ridiculously attractive men swapped in for the leads), The Year I Lost My Mind is a sexy mind-fuck of a thriller from Germany.


A Guide on Adding “The Third” into your Queer Entertainment Relationship

Anyone who’s ever said that monogamy is hard has never been in a triad. Jason (Sean McBride) realizes this firsthand after finding himself entangled in the relationship of two older gay men, Carl and David (Corey Page and Ryland Shelton). From the outside, they’re a picturesque married couple that has it all: the brand new house equipped with a sparkling pool in the backyard and a fabulous parade of friends to attend their Palm Springs parties. But despite their seemingly perfect lives, they find themselves lacking in the romance department, and they think Jason could be just the thing to keep the embers of their relationship burning. But that’s the thing about fire—when you start a flame, you run the risk of being burned. And where this wild flame will go is just one of the many alluring aspects this series stirs up.

Sean McBride in The Third

The show’s creator, Matthew Lynn, keeps viewers on their toes from the first episode’s enticing intro, delicately balancing between the lines of titillation and suspense, comedy and drama, love and hate. Similar in tone and cinematography to HBO mega hits like Big Little Lies and Looking, The Third is a grounded series drama that brings a powerful visual punch to queer entertainment. Lynn’s picturesque cinematography finds a new foothold in the gritty atmosphere of dark comedy, elevating both the genre and the expectations of its audience in the sweep of a single season. Although this series is by no means restricted to the queer genre, it’s in many ways a giant step for queer entertainment that will no doubt create a ripple effect in future endeavors.

Sean McBride, Corey Page and Ryland Shelton in The Third

In a world where queer shows (and, let’s be honest, queer people themselves) are still marginalized, Lynn takes representation to a new level, and it’s thanks to his own personal experiences that this revolutionary look into polyamory is now reaching a global audience. After Lynn’s family disowned him when he came out at the age of 23, a gay Palm-Springs couple took him under their wing. It was under their roof that he began exploring his sexuality and eventually entered into his first triad. In the queer mecca of Palm Springs that Lynn considers “the gayest place on earth,” he grew into the man—and filmmaker—that he is today.

Sean McBride, Corey Page and Ryland Shelton in The Third

After attending grad school at AFI, Lynn worked as a cinematographer on various projects and eventually formed his own team, Bridge the Divide Media. After expressing interest in bringing his own triad experience to the screen, he and his writing partner began their work. During the process, Lynn found himself in yet another triad, further priming him to bring one of the most honest portrayals of polyamory to queer entertainment.

Sean McBride, Corey Page and Ryland Shelton in The Third

After speaking with Lynn about the series, it was evident that his main goal was to forge a new path to acceptance for those who don’t fit the mold of society’s expectations. He said, “I want to bring empathy and awareness to a different perspective on life. When we set out to make the show, I wanted middle-American people to understand exactly what a polyamorous relationship is and that gay people are far beyond just gay. They’re real people with real feelings and lives.” Filled with visceral emotions, The Third succeeds in that by connecting audiences to the people behind the polyamory and giving those pushed to the perimeters of society the spotlight.

Sean McBride, Corey Page and Ryland Shelton in The Third

Dekkoo is proud to showcase such a revolutionary show amongst its ranks of queer entertainment, and Lynn and his team are just as thrilled to be there. Through this global platform, Lynn is excited to “offer awareness to the gay community and give hope to anyone that wants to pursue a [polyamorous relationship].” In addition to advocating for #teamtriad, Lynn urges people to share their own stories. When asked if he had any advice for aspiring storytellers, he said, “If you’re willing to speak your truth and be you, then you’re going to help other people. Your story is important, and it’s worth the struggle to tell it.”

Sean McBride and Corey Page in The Third

For those interested in keeping up with the inspiring work that Lynn and his team are doing, you can check out his website here and the production team’s website here. You’ll want to stay up to date on his upcoming project, Legacy, in addition to future installments of The Third and more! Until then, you can enjoy the first season of The Third here—only on Dekkoo!

New This Week – 10/25/19

In this provocative, sexy new Dekkoo-original series, a young man enters into a passionate three-way relationship with an established gay Palm Springs couple… only to learn that “adding a third” could bring a whole new set of skepticism, jealousy and secrets. Binge the first season of ‘The Third’ now, only on Dekkoo!

In a small-town strip mall, Jude spends 15 minutes waiting for the results of a rapid HIV test. The short film, ‘The Mess He Made’ is available now on Dekkoo!

A young man of Chinese-Cambodian descent dies, leaving behind his isolated mother and his 4-year male lover, who grieve but don’t speak a lick of each other’s language. Stream ‘Lilting’ now on Dekkoo.


Coming next week: Besides yet ANOTHER Dekkoo exclusive, we’re unleashing three unique horror themed shorts just in time for Halloween!

Dekkoo offers up three special Halloween treats!

Every Wednesday, Dekkoo adds a new short film for your viewing pleasure. On October 30th, however, we will be offering up THREE extra-special seasonal treats to get you in the Halloween spirit!

You can check out some info from each of the films below and make sure to visit Dekkoo on October 30th to start bingeing these brand-new Halloween-ready shorts!


Ben Baur in A Halloween Trick - A Dekkoo Original Film

A Halloween Trick

When an oversexed party boy (Ben Baur) finds himself at odds with his stressed-out and sleep-deprived neighbor (Tiffany Shepis) in the days leading up to Halloween, he discovers that their miscommunication may have deadly consequences when he accidentally invites the wrong man home for the night.

A Dekkoo Original, this 13-minute short, writer-director Michael Varrati uses humor, horror and a killer ‘80s/John Carpenter-inspired soundtrack to tell a modern gay variation on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Leads Ben Baur and Tiffany Shepis have a terrific, easy chemistry – even when they’re being extremely bitchy to one another. This is A Halloween Trick you won’t soon forget.


Joshua Tonks and Jay Clift in The Latent Image

The Latent Image

Art imitates life and vice versa in The Latent Image, a tense 21-minute short from co-writer-director Alexander Birrell.

A young writer (Joshua Tonks) retreats to an isolated cabin to work on a mystery thriller. One night, a mysterious stranger (Jay Clift) arrives at his door needing help. Has he found the perfect inspiration for his story or is he about to find his darkest fantasies coming to life?

Featuring terrific performances from the two leads, there’s some delicious ambiguity in The Latent Image. Not only are we never fully sure if this alluring stranger is a real-life danger or a figment of the writer’s imagination, but every scene feels like it could turn into a psycho-thriller or softcore erotica at any given moment.


The More the Scarier logo from director Brandon KirbyAntoine Perry and Clint Keller in The More the Scarier

The More the Scarier

What happens when a horny ghost haunts your apartment? That’s the question posed by The More the Scarier, a new 5-minute short from Brandon Kirby, the creator of the Dekkoo Original Series I’m Fine.

Looking for a little action, an attractive young gay man (Velizar Ionikov) takes to Grindr and invites over a kink-friendly date (Antoine Perry). In all the excitement, however, he hasn’t noticed the strange things happening around his apartment – signs of another horny participant from a different realm (Clint Keller).

Shooting in black and white, Kirby adds an audio track to the proceedings that makes it feel as if his short is playing out in front of a live studio audience. The mix of dark visuals, sexual subject matter and cheesy sitcom tropes gives The More the Scarier an uneasy feeling even before the blood starts flying.

Three couples get more than they bargained for during a weekend away in That’s Not Us

Now available on Dekkoo, writer-director William Sullivan’s That’s Not Us is an intimate portrait of three twenty-something couples.

James and Spencer (Mark Berger and David Rysdahl), Alex and Jackie (Sarah Wharton and Nicole Pursell) and Liz and Dougie (Elizabeth Gray and Tommy Nelms) travel to a beach house to enjoy the last days of summer. But what should be a fun and carefree weekend becomes an exploration of what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship and make love last in what is now being called the “gayest generation.”

Through each of the three couples – one gay, one lesbian, and one straight – That’s Not Us explores sex and relationships with a fresh perspective, finding that while sexuality and gender may vary, the struggles to keep love alive do not.

Watch the trailer for That’s Not Us below.