Director Marco Berger’s The Carnival is an erotic feast for the eyes!

Marco Berger, the maverick Argentinian filmmaker behind Absent, Young Hunter, Taekwondo, The Blonde One and many more, turns his unparalleled eye for the male form to one of the world’s largest displays of masculine bodies- a traditional South American Carnival.

Using two men as our primary guides, we watch the men of the town prepare and, eventually participate, in parade like no other.

The sensual joy of watching the men of Gualeguaychú transform in to Dionysiac figures via costumes, glitter and feathers is the perfect canvas for Berger’s talents.

A visual, erotic feast for the senses, The Carnival is not to be missed.

Watch the trailer for The Carnival below. The film is available now on Dekkoo.

Don’t Miss Writer-Director Marco Berger’s New Thriller Young Hunter

Ezequiel (Juan Palbo Cestaro) is a fifteen-year-old kid on the cusp of his sexual awakening. When he meets the handsome, twenty-one-year-old Mono (Lautaro Rodriguez), he’s so excited that he jumps into a quick relationship before he’s had time to really consider whether or not it’s a good idea.

Mono invites Ezequiel to his cousin’s villa, to spend a weekend together. But, while returning from the trip, Mono disappears completely, no longer responding to any of Ezekiel’s texts. The situation is confusing… until Chino (Juan Barberini), Mono’s cousin, sends him a hidden camera video of Ezekiel and Mono having sex, blackmailing him into making his own sex tape with a minor to be sold on the dark web, in order to keep his secret hidden. 

Ezequiel, with an impossible choice, decides to try seducing Juan Ignacio (Patricio Rodríguez), a thirteen-year-old boy whom he knows from school and suspects has a crush on him. Ezequiel soon turns from prey to hunter – against his own will.

From prolific director Marco Berger (Absent, Taekwondo, Plan B), Young Hunter is an intense thriller that has earned rave reviews on the film festival circuit. Watch the trailer for the film below. It’s available now on Dekkoo.

Get ready to fall in love with THE BLONDE ONE

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel (Gaston Re) has just moved in with his colleague, Juan (Alfonso Baron). Shy and reserved, Gabriel is reluctant to follow Juan’s wandering hands and meaningful looks. With a revolving door of beauties streaming out of Juan’s bedroom, his machismo seems firmly in place. However, the attraction between the two men is undeniable.

What starts out as a sexual relationship based on convenience of location soon develops into the engrossing evolution of a tender and intimate relationship, which is as sweet as it is heartbreaking. But, as reality begins to set in on their homemaking fantasy, something needs to give… or does it?

Written and directed by prolific queer filmmaker Marco Berger (the man behind Taekwondo, Absent, Sexual Tension: Volatile, Fulboy and Hawaii), The Blonde One is one of the year’s hottest gay movies and most beloved gay movies.

Watch the trailer for The Blonde One below. The film is now available on Dekkoo.


Cinema Spotlight: Taekwondo

You can almost smell (See? Taste? Feel? Hear?) the testosterone coming off of the screen in Taekwondo, a bro-tastic hang-out movie from prolific queer directors Marco Berger and Martin Farina.

The cast of Taekwondo

In a beautiful country house in a chic suburb of Buenos Aires, Fernando (Lucas Papa) and his assortment of rowdy buddies are having a “boys only” weekend. Disconnected from the outside world, they do little more than bask in the hot sun, play in the swimming pool, smoke pot and drink – naked or half-naked pretty much the entire time.

Lucas Papa and Gabriel Epstein in Taekwondo

Fernando has decided to shake things up this weekend by inviting a newcomer. The new fella is Germán (Gabriel Epstein), a close friend from Fernando’s martial arts class. Germán is quickly welcomed into the group. Fernando doesn’t realize, though, that Germán is attracted to men. Little by little, the two dudes get more intimate and the simmering sexual tension hits a boiling point.

Lucas Papa and Gabriel Epstein in Taekwondo

Assembling one of the hottest casts in gay movie history, director Marco Berger (the man behind Absent, Hawaii, Sexual Tension: Volatile) and Farina (Fulboy) have outdone themselves. Thought the romance is undoubtedly of the slow-burn variety, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

The cast of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is available now on Dekkoo. You can watch the trailer below. The films Absent, Hawaii, Sexual Tension: Volatile and Fulboy are also all available now if you find yourself craving more of this directing pair’s sizzling style.